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Bussiness Immigration

Bussiness Immigration

Golden Future Overseas

Canada Investor Visa

Golden Future Overseas aims at providing the best Immigration options to its clients. We aim at providing seamless and risk-free application options regarding the investment opportunities in each province, process to set up a business and apply for the Canada Investor Visa.

One of the leading economies across the globe and a friendly host to foreign investors, Canada is undoubtedly growing as one of the preferable options for people to invest and enjoy great returns on their investment.

What are the requirements to apply for the Canada Investor Visa?

  1. Business Plan
  2. Application Fee
  3. Approval Letter from a Designated Institution in Canada
  4. Basic Language Requirements
  5. Sufficient Funds to cater for your cost of Living and Settlement in Canada
  6. Other requirements vary as per the province you are applying to, For example, the Quebec Investor Program

What are the Programs Available in Canada wrt Investor Visa?

  • New Brunswick PNP Entrepreneur
  • Nova Scotia PNP Entrepreneur
  • Ontario PNP Entrepreneur
  • British Columbia Entrepreneur Program
  • British Columbia Regional Pilot Program Entrepreneurs
  • SINP – Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program
  • Manitoba PNP Entrepreneur Program

Are you ready to own a business and also become a permanent resident of Canada? We can help you achieve that!

Caribbean Business Immigration

One of the Cheapest Citizenship By Investment Programs are available in The Caribbean Countries with an investment as low as $100,000.

One in Million Opportunities to own a property or establish a business and still become a 2nd passport holder of these Caribbean countries without physically residing there. 

With Golden Future Overseas, Explore Caribbean Business Immigration options and allow us to help you make most of it. 

– Dominica Second passport: $220,000

– ST. LUCIA Citizenship by Investment Program: $100,000 – $300,000

-St Kitts and Nevis passport: min $100,000

– Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program: Min. $100,000 – $1.5 M

– Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program: Min. $220,000

– Citizenship by Investment in Malta: Min. $250,000

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Turkey Business Immigration

Life couldn’t get any better, Invest and become a Turkish passport holder with a cost as low as $250,000. Grab the opportunity to establish an investment in the 13th largest economy by GDP in the World. 

With our established streamlined guidelines and expertise, make your application for the investor visa in Turkey smooth and hassle-free.

To qualify for the citizenship by investment program in Turkey, you need to fulfil any of the following:

  • $250,000 Minimum Investment in a Real Estate Property
  • Establish a Business in any of the industries using at least $500,000
  • Deposit at least $500,000 in any of the government investment properties for three years (fixed capital investment)
  • Establish a company that will employ at least 50 residents of Turkey Residents

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US Business Immigration

With Golden Future Overseas, Secure your US E1 and EB5 Investor Visa and become a permanent resident of the US! It is not simple but definitely possible with our expertise and your trust in us. 

With a Minimum Investment of $900,000, grab the one in a lifetime opportunity to become a US Resident. 

With the help of our knowledgeable consultants and legal representatives who will guide you through every stage of the application and ensure that you make the right choice of investment.

Why Should you invest in the US?

  • World most powerful economy
  • Ability to travel and reside with your family in the US
  • Permanent Residency and subsequently Secure your US passport after a few years
  • Get high returns on business or investments

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